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A Note From ASEM's 2023-24 President   |   June 2024

Dear ASEM Members and Followers,

I hope this letter finds you well and thriving in your professional endeavors. As we have reached the halfway point of my term as President of the American Society for Engineering Management, I'd like to invite you to attend a Membership Gathering at the end of the month. Register so we can send you the Zoom link:

Per usual, I'd like to acknowledge some appointments, and thank these dedicated members for taking on a volunteer role:

      • Student Membership Director: David Paulus, PhD
      • IAB Industry Leadership Panel: Col Jimmy Harrington (Read Bio)

Annmarie Uliano

I am excited to share with you the significant progress and achievements. The Board of Directors and World Headquarters have been working on several key initiatives aimed at enhancing the value we provide to our members and strengthening our society's impact. Here are some of the highlights:

Professional Development Programs: We have expanded our range of professional development programs, offering more webinars, workshops, and certification courses tailored to the evolving needs of engineering managers. These events have facilitated knowledge sharing, collaboration, and the building of a stronger professional community. A project is well underway to produce an Engineering Project Management Body of Knowledge, and we look forward to the exciting content. Additionally, we are reviewing and re-invigorating the Certified Knowledge Provider program to vet qualified trainers for ASEM Certifications.

Research and Publications: Members and leadership of the society have supported and published numerous research papers and articles that address current challenges and trends in engineering management. The Engineering Management Journal continues to be a reputable source of knowledge and a platform for thought leadership in the field. The ASEM Blog continues to be a source of informal learnings from practicing engineering managers. We also have a few opportunities to participate in upcoming work by our membership (see links in eNews below).

Strategic Partnerships: We have been forging strategic partnerships with academic institutions, industry organizations, and other professional societies to broaden our reach and impact. These collaborations are opening up new opportunities for our members, including joint research projects, conference participation, and access to a wider range of resources. Our recent partnership with industry leaders in the Industry Advisory Board has enabled us to provide cutting-edge content and practical insights that you can apply directly in your careers. We are also thankful to the British University in Dubai, an ASEM-Certified program for their recognition of the ASEM at an upcoming Alumni event.

I want to express my gratitude to the Board of Directors, Fellows, Committee Members, and all of our volunteers, for your continued support and active participation in our society. It is through your dedication and involvement that we can advance our mission to promote engineering management as a discipline and support our members in their professional growth. Together, we are making a meaningful impact on the field of engineering management and advancing our collective goals.

Please feel free to reach out with any suggestions, feedback, or questions. Your input is invaluable as we strive to serve you better. 


Annmarie Uliano
ASEM President, 2023-24

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Call for Nominations ~ Associate Editors ~ Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)

On behalf of the Engineering Management Journal (EMJ), this is a call for nominations for Associate Editors to serve across the various research domain areas covered by the journal.

The Engineering Management Journal is a refereed journal that publishes original, high‐quality papers on a wide range of topics of interest to engineers and engineering managers. It publishes research manuscripts (including applied research), tutorials, opinion pieces, and book reviews that represent current research, practice, and teaching involving problems of engineering management. The papers published cover a number of areas including continuous improvement, decision making & risk management, economics of engineering,

 engineering management profession, innovation & new product development, knowledge management, leadership, operations management, organization & work system design, organization development & change, organizational performance & assessment, program & project management, strategic management, supply chain management, systems engineering, and technology management.

Associate Editor Responsibilities

The role of associate editor is fundamental to the quality and success of the Engineering Management Journal. Each associate editor is responsible for overseeing the review of papers that fall within one or more of the topical areas covered by the journal (described above). Core responsibilities include conducting an editorial screening of assigned papers to assess content and fit, selecting and following-up with reviewers, evaluating reviewer feedback to make decisions, confirming that revised papers have adequately addressed reviewer concerns, and communicating with authors, reviewers, editors-in-chief, and Taylor & Francis staff as needed. The position is a voluntary position; a salary is not provided.

Find out more HERE.

Call for Nominations ~ Executive Director ~ Epsilon Mu Eta – Engineering Management Honor Society

The Epsilon Mu Eta society Executive Director is a volunteer position that works with the society Board of Directors, and local student chapters, to recognize engineering management students for membership based on academic and professional achievement and student service to the engineering management discipline. The society also recognizes engineering management professionals as society senior membership for their outstanding service to the profession.


Leadership & Management:

  • Ensure ongoing society and local chapters programmatic operations to achieve the Society’s mission.
  • Develop, maintain, and support a strong Board of Director to ensure long term viability of the society.
  • Maintain society records, including financial, membership, and tax filing documents.

Student and Professional Membership:

  • Work with local chapters to nominate and induct new engineering management student members.
  • Work with senior members and the society Board of Directors to identify, nominate and induct new senior members.
  • Review and maintain student and professional society membership procedures.

Planning New Chapters:

  • Serve as a Board of Director for our sister society, the American Society for Engineering Management
  • Work with universities to establish new society chapters and develop more efficient ways to develop and support chapters.
  • Be a spokesperson for the society to help recognize new and existing engineering :management professionals.


Individuals who wish to learn more about this position, to nominate an individual, or to self-nominate, should contact Paul Componation (

Loss of Dear Friend, Colleague, Mentor, and Longtime ASEM Member, Dr. David Lyth

It is with deep sorrow that we share the loss of Dr. David Lyth. Dr. Lyth's obituary was crafted with such terrific detail about his life that we encourage you to visit to find out more about the beautiful life he lead.

Our ASEM leadership team offers deepest condolences to all of David's family and friends. His warm smile, kind greetings, surprise phone calls and witty stories will be missed dearly.

Dr. David Lyth

Participate in a Professional Membership Call for Chapters

ASEM International Director, Alex Gorod, along with his co-authors, have requested that we reach out to members to assist in their Call for Chapters for the upcoming Book, "Crisis Management and Complexity: Case Studies of Applied Systems Thinking".

The authors are invited to send in letters of intent to submit original case studies on application of systems thinking in crisis management and include brief abstracts of up to 250 words by July 1, 2024. The case studies cannot be previously published or currently under review by a conference and/or journal.

Submitted abstracts will go through a review process and if accepted, authors will be notified via email of the chapter submission steps and template by July 15, 2024. Completed chapters will be expected by September 30, 2024. 

    You can learn more by reviewing this document. For further information and submissions, please contact Nil Ergin at

    Participate in Student Member's Research

    ASEM Student Member Nila Jennings has requested that we reach out to members to assist in her research.

    This study seeks to better understand what factors influence engineering managers’ development of an integrated engineer/leader identity as well as their motivation to lead. The quantitative study will focus on the following research questions:

    1. What is the relationship between engineering managers’ values, interests, beliefs, and attitudes and their development of an integrated (engineer/leader) identity.
    2. How does an engineer's professional identity relate to the development of an integrated (engineer/leader) identity.
    3. How do preferences between a professional and leader identity impact an engineering manager’s motivation to lead?

    You can learn more by reviewing this document or viewing the Qualtrics participation link. Contributors may receive information regarding the results by sending a request to

    ABET and Engineering Management

    The criteria comment period for "Engineering Management" and similarly named programs is open until June 15, 2024. This may be of interest to you, and if you want your voice heard - now is the time to make a comment.

    Link below (Scroll down to EAC area):

    Professional Development Opportunities through UAH

    The University of Alabama in Huntsville's Office of Professional and Continuing Education is offering an online on-demand Certification Prep Course. Course registration offers 26 hours of instruction and includes:

    • Complimentary ASEM® Membership
    • Digital Course Materials
    • Exam Voucher for either the CAEM® or CPEM® Exam

    Find out more at

    The Engineering Management Journal (EMJ)

    FOR ASEM MEMBERS: A new edition of the Engineering Management Journal (EMJ) was issued in May 2024.

    The Engineering Management Journal is designed to provide practical, pertinent knowledge on the management of technology, technical professionals, and technical organizations. EMJ strives to provide value to the practice of engineering management and engineering managers. EMJ is an archival journal that facilitates both practitioners and university faculty in publishing useful articles. The primary focus is on articles that improve the practice of engineering management.

    Access to the EMJ is included with each ASEM Membership. View full flyer HERE.

    ASEM Proudly Recognizes Recent CAEM and CPEM Certified / Recertified Individuals:

    • Katherine Quinlan

    • Varad Choudhari

    • Joeper Famorcan

    • Jordan Lustig

    • Yin-Chih Lin

    • Kevin Battick

    • Mario DiCino

    • Zheng Guan Tan

    • Saif Hamed G Almutairi

    • Stephen Gilliam

    • Jena Asgarpoor

    • Angela Lestat

    • Ali Jebur

    • Harold Conner, Jr.

    • Farzin Dehmeshki

    • Abhijit Santhanam

    • Christy Bozic

    • Claudia Zettner

    • Daniel Rowbotham

    • Matthew Jelavic

    • Brian Amouzegar

    • DeSheyna Perry

    • Simon Philbin

    • Duc Le

    • Jarrid Thomson

    • Aldo McLean

    • Elias Gonzales

    • Henry Lester

    • Praharshith Gurajala

    • Adil Mohammednoor Ibrahim Abbker

    • Rhona C. Bahala

    • J Tayler Quinn

    • Robert Fullerton

            • Wolday Abrha

            • Jeffrey Ulmer

            • Quintin Potthast

            • Ahmed M. H. M. Amasha

            • Zachary Kentner

            • DeVanne Burch

            • Jason Toomer

            • Marcus Stewart

            • Mikael Hesselberg

            • Joshua Jordan

            • Adhista Chapagain

            • Mohammed Raza Kanjee

            • Jean Essila

            • Emmanuel Awolumate

            • Edgar Avalos-Gauna

            • Priyadarshan Manohar

            • Amr Gamal El-Abd Abulhaggag

            • Brian Galli

            • Tiffany Poitras

            • Christopher Coventry

            • David Ogg

            • Ramez Alchamaa

            • Edward Pohl

            • Mariam Mamdouh Abdelhay Kamel

            • Sakiko Kobayashi

            • Lizzy Potter

            • Jerry Stevens

            • Bruce Kisell

            • Michael Taire

            • Emily Cunis

            • Mohammed Yousef Alsulaiman

                        • Tomás Goldaracena

                        • Mohamed Fawzy Yasin Aly Gomaa

                        • Ahmad Mohammad Kharbat

                        • Aaron Finkey

                        • Samantha Pope

                        • Robert Cameron Houk

                        • Sudith Ashokan

                        • Renae Goik

                        • Austin Tedder

                        • Samer Al-Madhoun

                        • Nejib Masghouni

                        • Mohamed Salem

                        • Satish Boregowda

                        • Erwin Lugue

                        • Wisam Shawket

                        • Nicholas Mitchell

                        • Ahmed Maged Hassan Mohamed Amasha

                        • Joshua Gray

                        • Ted Eschenbach

                        • Envin Billings

                        • James Schreiner

                        • Charles Daniels

                        • Alvin Alejandro

                        • Stafford-Ames Morse

                        • Ayman Naser

                        • Dhruvkumar Patel

                        • Sree Sowmya Tumuluru

                        • Wilfred Ekeoseye

                        • Adewale Adeniyi

                        • Sebastian Stan

                        • Brady Babbitt

                        • Darvy Ceron Gomez

                                    2023 ASEM Award Winners - Congratulations!

                                    Engineering Manager of the Year

                                    Dr. Michael Gazarik, Vice President, Engineering

                                    Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation

                                    Best Dissertation Award

                                    “Learning Curve Characterization within Complex Low-Rate Production Environments.”

                                    Dr. Rob Gies

                                    Old Dominion University

                                    Dr. Resit Unal, Advisor

                                    Old Dominion University

                                    Eschenbach Award for Best Engineering Management Journal (EMJ) Paper

                                    "Organizational Flexibility and Project Portfolio Performance: The Roles of Environmental Uncertainty and Innovation Capability"

                                    Muhammad Aamir Saeed, Humaira Tabassum, Muhammad Mohsin Zahid, Yuanyuan Jiao & Shazia Nauman

                                    Meritorious Service Award

                                    Dr. Patricia Anzalone, CPEM, F.ASEM University of South Florida 

                                    William Daughton World Headquarters Service Award

                                    Annmarie Uliano

                                    Past President of the Society Award

                                    Dr. Yesim Sirelli

                                    University of North Carolina, Charlotte

                                    Bernard R. Sarchet Award

                                    Dr. Gene Dixon

                                    Frank Woodbury Special

                                    Service Award

                                    Dr. Brian Smith

                                    Mississippi State University

                                    Dr. Ed Pohl

                                    University of Arkansas

                                    Paul Kauffmann Professional Development Award

                                    Dr. Abhijit Santhanam 

                                    ASEM Graduate

                                    Student Scholarship

                                    Tyler Kleinsasser

                                    South Dakota School of Mines

                                    ASEM’s Virtual Student Case Study Best Analysis Competition Award

                                    1st Place

                                    • United States Military AcademyTeam Charlie: Cadets Brooke Barreda, Bryan Frost, Elliot Lim, Christopher Torres
                                    2nd Place
                                    • Missouri University of Science and Technology - Anya Carpenter, Kate Marting, Jane Thompson, Joseph Walton, Tristan Zeh

                                    3rd Place (Too close to call with a 2-point difference)

                                        • Northeastern University – Anas Alkarawi, Shubham Bhutada, Youssef ElSonbaty, Jainil Jain, Shantanu Mosalakanti
                                        • United States Military Academy – Team Bravo: Cadets Riley Hoyes, Moses Kim, Eric Liu, Alex Redmon

                                      2023 ASEM Fellow Class

                                      • Dr. Christy Bozic              
                                      • Dr. Gillian Nicholls
                                      • Dr. John Richards
                                      • Dr. Joe Wilck
                                      • Dr. John Via III

                                      Merritt Williamson Award for

                                      Best International Annual

                                      Conference Paper

                                      Analysis of Power System Resilience

                                      Subject to Extreme Events

                                      Mr. Adedayo Aruwajoye

                                      Dr. Henry Lester

                                      University of Dayton

                                      Merl Baker Award for

                                      Best Student Paper

                                      Identifying Vulnerabilities in National Critical Energy Infrastructure to Improve Army Readiness and National Security

                                      Cadet Madeline Lenkart

                                      United States Military Academy

                                      ASEM Founder's Award for Undergraduate Program

                                      United States Military Academy at

                                      West Point

                                      ASEM Founder's Award for

                                      Student Chapter

                                      United States Military Academy at

                                      West Point

                                      ASEM Founder’s Award for

                                      Graduate Program

                                      Missouri University of

                                      Science and Technology

                                      Cornelius Administrative

                                      Service Award

                                      Angie Cornelius

                                      October 25th - 28th, 2023

                                      A Terrific Event!

                                      Hosted by the University of Colorado, Boulder at the The Curtis Denver - a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel

                                      Special Thanks to these Outstanding ASEM Sponsors and Members:

                                      Dr. Bill Daughton

                                      Professor Emeritus

                                      Missouri S&T

                                      Please visit to find out benefits of becoming a Corporate Member or Sponsor of ASEM. 

                                      Webinar Committee Seeking Volunteers

                                      ASEM is seeking volunteers for the webinar committee. The ASEM webinar committee coordinates the effort of organizing and offering ASEM-supported webinars. Committee members’ responsibilities include planning ASEM webinars, identifying webinar presenters, and serving as moderators. The committee meets monthly.

                                      In addition, ASEM is seeking a webinar operations manager who serves as a member of the webinar committee. The webinar operations manager is a volunteer position. The manager attends each webinar and assists the moderator with routine tasks before, during and after the webinar. The webinaroperations manager is a volunteer position. Students and junior professionals are encouraged to apply for this position.

                                      If you are interested in serving on the committee Please email Ona Egbue, ASEM Student Membership Director at

                                      ASEM Certified Graduate Program | MEML at Rice University

                                      Congratulations to ASEM's newest Certified Graduate Program at Rice University! ASEM Certification represents excellence in program quality and distinguishes certified programs as being in the top tier in graduate engineering management related programs, worldwide.

                                      To learn more or to have your graduate program ASEM certified, visit

                                      2023-2027 Master of

                                      Engineering Management and Leadership

                                      Since 2023

                                      Engineering Management Handbook, 3rd Edition

                                      ASEM is proud to now offer the 3rd edition of the Engineering Management Handbook. This EM Handbook edition focuses on the practical application of the domains thus differentiating it from the second edition.

                                      You may download this text through your ASEM membership portal as an member benefit. For non-members, the PDF is available for purchase on the ASEM Store website. Hardcopies will soon be available for purchase on the ASEM Store website as well.

                                      The 11 Domains covered in this handbook, each of which include related topics, are:

                                      1. Introduction to Engineering Management
                                      2. Leadership and Organizational Management
                                      3. Strategic Planning and Management
                                      4. Financial Resources Management
                                      5. Project Management
                                      6. Quality Management System
                                      7. Operations and Supply Chain Management
                                      8. Management of Technology, Research, and Development
                                      9. Systems Engineering
                                      10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management
                                      11. Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics

                                      Women in Engineering Management: An Interview with Tiffani Teachey

                                      Is Your Organization on ASEM's EM Program Listing? Are You Part of CEMAL?

                                      Please visit to validate your EM Program Listing is up-to-date. Complete the form below to submit any changes or to join the Council of Engineering Management Academic Leaders. Need help? Contact

                                      Validate Your Skill Set with Professional Certification through ASEM

                                      ASEM offers the two most important industry-recognized certification for technical managers. You can find CAEMs and CPEMs involved in managing and leading at all levels and types of engineering and technology-driven organizations in nearly every country. Over the past twenty years, ASEM has been engaged in intensive research and development to identify the education, skills, and knowledge critical for success as a technical management professional. This work has supported the development and continuous improvement of this formal method for recognizing the CAEM or CPEM engineering management professional designation.

                                      Visit to find out more, and to begin the process to becoming professionally certified as a technical manager, today!

                                      Opportunity to Contribute to ASEM Professional Certifications

                                      ASEM seeks knowledge volunteers as part of a team chartered to investigate validation or accreditation of ASEM’s growing portfolio of certifications. The use of a third-party standard, has long been discussed. Organizations such as ABET use international standards such as ISO 9000. The Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) are two examples of U.S. organizations that accredit personnel and continuing education related certifications or certificates. The major deliverable for the Accreditation Project is a actionable plan for obtaining recognized and effectual accreditation as our certification/badging products grow. If you have applicable accreditation knowledge or experience and would like to contribute to this please contact the ASEM Executive Director (

                                      Please visit our sponsors:

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                                      Dr. Bill Daughton

                                      Professor Emeritus

                                      Missouri S&T

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