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Strategic Plan

The society has developed the strategic plan shown below along with director annual goals and society metrics or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs are updated quarterly and reviewed by the Board. Board members report on their goals periodically at board meetings. The overall goal is to develop and implement the steps needed for the society to move forward in accomplish our Vision, Mission, and Strategic Goals. Please direct questions to our executive director or our operations director.

Developed in 2015-16, Reviewed in 2020-21.

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Tactical Plan

Published October 2023 by Yesim Sireli, Ph.D., CPEM, F-ASEM, ASEM President 2022-23 with inputs provided by the Tactical Planning Committee*.

1. Recruit and Retain an Active Membership of Engineering Managers Worldwide:

1.1. Implement targeted marketing campaigns highlighting the value of ASEM membership globally.

1.2 Utilize the IAB to spread the word and enhance professional development effort.

1.3. Enhance stakeholder engagement through regular communication and specialized interest groups as described in this document.

1.4. Continue offering webinars, workshop, certifications, and any other professional development offerings.

1.5. Keep the IAC practitioner’s track.

1.6. Keep partnering with other organizations worldwide to offer joint events.

2. Produce and Disseminate High-Quality Engineering Management Publications:

2.1. Keep the quality and reputation of the Engineering Management Journal.

2.2. Consider accreditation for the EMBoK and any other products.

3. Deliver Valued Engineering Management Professional and Program Certifications:

3.1. When needed, create and/or update certification programs and any other professional development offerings to align with industry standards and best practices. These should be in alignment with ASEM’s stakeholders’ needs as described in Section 2.

3.2. When needed, update online training courses and resources to support certification exam preparation.

3.3. Organize open forums, webinars, and workshops to promote the value of ASEM certifications and other professional development offerings.

3.4. Establish partnerships with academic institutions and other professional societies to integrate ASEM certifications and other professional development offerings into their programs.

4. Provide Professional Development Opportunities to the Engineering Workforce and Students:

4.1. Continue offering webinars, workshop, certifications, and any other professional development offerings.

4.2. Keep the IAC practitioner’s track.

4.3. Host regional, local, and theory or application-based specific events and seminars for stakeholders

4.4. Collaborate with industry experts to develop specialized training modules. Utilize the IAB to spread the word and enhance professional development efforts.

5. Increase ASEM’s Strategic and Corporate Partnerships:

5.1. Keep identifying and approaching potential strategic and corporate partners for collaboration.

5.2. Showcase ASEM's offerings and benefits to potential partners through presentations and events.

5.3. Use the existing partnership agreements and develop new ones as needed to provide tangible benefits for partners.

6. Achieve and Maintain Financial Security for ASEM:

6.1. Develop new revenue-generating professional development offerings or services aligned with ASEM's mission as mentioned above.

6.2. All the other initiatives proposed for the other strategic goals above should have an impact on ASEM’s financial security.

*The Tactical Planning Committee:

  • Chair, Yesim Sireli, ASEM President 2022-23
  • Alex Gorod, International Director
  • Willy Van Overschee, Former International Director
  • Duncan Oyevaar, EU Section
  • Aart Pellikaan, EU Section
  • Patrick Sweet, Former Communications Director
  • Fernando Deschamps, Brazil Section Director
  • Gene Dixon, Former Executive Director
  • Greg Sedrick, Past President 2022-23
  • Annmarie Uliano, President-Elect 2022-23

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