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Micro-Credentials for Professional Certifications in Engineering Management

Why choose the Micro-Credential Path to Certification?

This route offers the ability to focus on smaller sections of Technical Management areas while working towards CAEM®  or CPEM® Certification. All credentials are currently based on the 5th ed. "A Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge", commonly referred to as the EMBOK

Apply for the CAEM® or CPEM® and indicate your preferred exam breakdown, take the full Exam in one sitting or take Micro-Credential route and certify with four micro-exams.

Apply for CPEM® today!           ~          Apply for CAEM® today! 

Upon approval, choose the Micro-Credential path, or choose to take the Full Exam in one sitting.


Foundations of Technical Management 

    • Domain 1. Fundamentals of Engineering Management
    • Domain 2. Leadership & Organizational Management


Advanced Technical Management Skills

    • Domain 3. Strategic Planning and Management
    • Domain 4. Financial Resource Management
    • Domain 5. Project Management


Technical and Engineering Operations Management  

    • Domain 6. Quality Management System
    • Domain 7. Operations & Supply Chain Management
    • Domain 8. Management of Technology, Research, and Development


Systems Engineering, Legal, and Ethical Issues 

    • Domain 9. Systems Engineering
    • Domain 10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management
    • Domain 11. Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics

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