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EM Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

ASEM® offers this unique professional development solution that focuses on the application of Six Sigma to engineering and technology management. Six Sigma is a powerful methodology to reduce variation in processes, products, or services.  The approach is customer-driven, and improvement opportunities focus on strategic areas which yield organizational improvement. The basic goal of SSGB is to reduce variation in all processes in the product or service life cycle, based on a fact and data driven decision process, focused on business results.

The application focus of the ASEM® EM SSGB credential includes the use of Minitab® software for efficient and effective learning and understanding of statistical and analytical concepts. In addition, the ASEM® EM SSGB® integrates with ASEM’s CAEM® and CPEM® Engineering Management Certificates. Those who complete the ASEM® EM SSGB are halfway finished with their CAEM® or CPEM® certification also. Conversely, those who have completed their CAEM® or CPEM® are also halfway finished with their ASEM® EM SSGB.

Compared to other Green Belt Certifications, the ASEM® EM Six Sigma Green Belt certification provides these advantages:

  • Practice oriented with a focus on application versus theory. 
  • Statistical theory is integrated with computer applications using Minitab® and avoids manual computations.  Competence in this industry  standard software adds a powerful tool to your analytical skill set.
  • Integrated with Engineering Management (CPEM® / CAEM®) certification and provides the potential for two professional certifications.
  • Covers critical areas of the six sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control (DMAIC) process and how they are strategically and operationally integrated.

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