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ASEM Logo and Brand Guidelines

The logo and identity graphics for the American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) ensure consistency in branding.

The ASEM World Headquarters expects all users to adhere to the proper usage of the approved color palatte and logo representation to ensure brand consistency.

  • Spell out the "American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM)" upon first usage.
  • After the first reference to the society, you may use "ASEM".
  • The registered trademark symbol is required on all logos used.

Official logo files for the American Society for Engineering Management may be downloaded from this page. By downloading any of the provided logo files, you are agreeing to use the logo in accordance with the standards outlined on this page.

You must obtain approval from the ASEM World Headquarters prior to printing or purchasing any products using the ASEM logo or name in custom artwork that references the society in any way, this includes items for an event, T-shirt,  pamphlets, flyers, awards, etc. 

Standards for ASEM mark or logo use by affiliated organizations (Student Chapters, etc.)

  1. Registered student chapter or affiliated organizations may create their own graphic identities (logos).
  2. Only registered student chapter or affiliated organizations in good standing may use the ASEM’s marks and logos.
  3. ASEM marks and logos may not to be altered in any manner. ASEM marks and logos may not be incorporated into or associated with the marks or logos of another, unaffiliated, organization.
  4. ASEM student chapters must have an element of blue in designs. Student chapters and affiliated organizations are recommended to use blue and white in designs and giveaways.
  5. All registered student chapter or affiliated organizations must place “Registered” marks in the official ASEM blue or white ONLY. “Trademarked” words can be in any color. (Registered student chapter or affiliated organizations are not required to use official ASEM fonts). Both “Registered” and “Trademarked” words must include symbols.
  6. Any use of a ASEM mark, trademark or logo by a registered student chapter or affiliated organization must be approved through the logo review process prior to publication or production of licensed products. Production of products must be done through a licensed vendor.
  7. Permission to use the ASEM’s marks or logos is not an endorsement of the registered student organization or its activities by ASEM. Instead, such use is intended to permit a registered student organization to promote itself as an ASEM affiliated organization.
  8. All designs (including elements of a design) incorporating any ASEM mark or logo must clearly be placed in near proximity to the name of the registered student organization. In every instance the Registered Student Organization’s name must be on the licensed product, most particularly if there is any possibility of mistaking the identity of the student group with ASEM or an ASEM authorized affiliated organization.
  9. Promotional items featuring an ASEM mark or logo must be for use by the members of the registered student chapter or affiliated organization only. Sale to the public of licensed goods approved through logo review is strictly prohibited.
  10. Designs that reference alcohol, illegal substances, sexually explicit graphics, weapons, or profanity are prohibited.
  11. Uses that may violate the law or the ASEM’s policies (e.g., harassment, DE&I, etc.) are prohibited.
  12. The unauthorized use of another’s marks or copyrights in conjunction with the ASEM’s trademarks or word marks is prohibited.

ASEM Media Style Guide

The Visual Identity Standards/Official Brand

The ASEM logos are the only marks approved for use by the ASEM and affiliated communities. The ASEM Media Style Guide should be followed across all media. The ASEM logo, and publication (EMJ, EMBoK, Handbook, CAEM, and CPEM, etc.) marks are the only marks approved for use.

No other marks or logos may be used to represent ASEM and its programs without receiving prior written approval from the ASEM Executive Director.

Visual Identity Standards

No other marks or logos may be used to represent ASEM and its programs without receiving prior written approval from the ASEM Executive Director.


The logo consists of a stylized rendering of the letters ASEM and the words American Society for Engineering Management. The elements of the logo are in specified relationships to one another. Do NOT attempt to create your own version of the logo or alter the arrangement of the existing elements.

The area immediately around the mark must be free of type or graphics. The spacing and the relationship of the elements in the mark may not be altered in any way. Send requests for logo files and questions about logo usage in your projects to

The ASEM logo may not be combined with other logos in any way. In instances of multiple sponsorships or co- branded programs, logos must be kept separate Contact for more info.

Color Palette

In establishing ASEM’s identity, color is important. By using the official colors in a consistent manner, ASEM’s identity is strengthened. Official colors for ASEM are blue and white. Refer to the color formulas here for all printing and web-related color specification. Blue matches 3015 C. 

More color information may be found at

Please send questions about ASEM’s color palette to


  • Pantone: 3015-C
  • Hex:  #00629B
  • RGB: (0,98,155)
  • CMYK: 100, 37, 0, 39


  • Hex : #808080
  • RGB : (128,128,128)
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 50


  • Hex : #FFFFFF
  • RGB : (255, 255, 255)
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


  • Hex : #FFFFFF
  • RGB : (255, 255, 255)
  • CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0


The consistent use of a small family of typefaces is the most important constant in helping to establish a unified look among publications. The ASEM typefaces are as follows.

[Insert Type faces here, e.g., stationary or headers]

Registered Terms

ASEM owns the exclusive intellectual property rights to its name, logos, slogans, colors, trademarks, service marks and other indicia related to ASEM, its programs and services (collectively, the “marks”). ASEM owns all rights in the marks, and they may not be used for any purpose without the advance written permission of ASEM.

List of Terms

        • American Society for Engineering Management
        • ASEM
        • A-sem
        • Engineering Management Honor Society
        • Engineering Management Journal
        • Certified Associate Engineering Manager
        • Certified Professional Engineering Manager
        • Engineering Management Body of Knowledge
        • EM Body of Knowledge
        • EM BoK or EMBoK
        • Engineering Management Handbook
        • EM Handbook

Social Media | Platform-Specific Style Guidelines


Platform voice: The most “warm and fuzzy” platform. Tone and voice should reflect a P&G Olympics commercial where you’re left with a “feel-good” feeling.

Best Practices: All posts should include optimized link previews, strong visuals and relevant tags. Fill out all relevant fields on video uploads, add captions and a strong thumbnail.

    • Image sizing: 1200X630
    • Video sizing: 1280×720/16:9 aspect ratio (landscape) and 720×1280/9:16 aspect ratio (portrait).
    • ADA compliance/captions: Utilize Facebook’s Creator Studio to upload videos and add closed captioning, video descriptions and relevant call-to-action links.

Engagement Style: Respond to questions and feedback in your inbox. Reply and react – appropriately – to comments on your posts. When possible, responses to complaints should be moved to direct messages or email.


Platform Voice: The most laid-back, jovial platform. Twitter is the platform where playful snark/sarcasm can be implemented in light-hearted ways.

Best Practices: The majority of tweets should be accompanied by media.

  • Image sizing: 1200X675 or 16:9 aspect-ratio
  • Vertical photos no longer crop on mobile, so you can post full vertical photos.
  • Video sizing: 1280×720 (landscape), 720×1280 (portrait) and 720×720 (square).
  • ADA compliance/captions: Utilize Twitter Media Studio to add closed captioning, video descriptions and any relevant call-to-action links.

Engagement Style: Favorite, retweet, and reply to posts, especially those that mention your account or include your hashtags. Respond in a timely fashion to legitimate questions, requests and feedback. When possible, responses to complaints should be moved to direct messages or email.


Platform Voice: The most professional platform. LinkedIn is a platform to “boast” and share the good news stories of the society

Best Practices: Build hashtags into your posts. Tag relevant accounts in the message. Videos should be uploaded to the platform and include captions, a thumbnail and title.

  • Image sizing: 1200 X 627
  • Video sizing: 1:2.4 to 2.4:1 aspect ratio.

Engagement Style: Like and respond to comments on your post.


Platform Voice: Short, simple and to the point. Dad puns, lyrics, etc.

Best Practices: Strong, engaging and aesthetically pleasing visuals, with subjects engaging the camera whenever possible. Closed captioning with good color contrast need to be added to all video segments.

Text-heavy graphics should only be posted on stories. Utilize highlights to save important information from your stories on your profile and update highlights regularly. Choose strong and appropriately-sized thumbnails for highlights and videos, including IGTV.

  • Image sizing: 1080x1080 (square), 1080x566 (landscape), 1080x1350 (portrait) and 1920x1080 (story).
  • Keep subject in the center of the photo if posting portrait or landscape photo, so that it crops correctly on your profile feed.
  • Video sizing: 1080x1080 (square), 1080x566 (landscape), 1080x1350 (portrait) and 1920x1080 (story).
  • In-feed: Use for general, evergreen videos. 16:9 (landscape), 1:1 (square) and 4:5 (portrait/vertical). Max two minutes long.
  • Stories: Use for short form, event/initiative-specific content. 9:16. Max one minute (clipped into 15-second ‘slides’).
  • IGTV: Use for major announcements. 9:16 (recommended) or 16:9 (in-feed previews show at 4:5). Between one and 15 minutes long.
  • ADA compliance/captions: All photos with text and videos with speaking should include captions. Alt text can be added to photos in the native platform. Video captions should be burned in for the videos.

Engagement Style: Like and comment on ASEM-related posts. Respond to comments as appropriate. Repost account-tagged content in your stories. Ask permission to repost to your feed and give credit.

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