Epsilon Mu Eta

Epsilon Mu Eta (EMH) is the honorary society for Engineering Management. It was founded in
St. Louis, Missouri during the 2003 International Annual Conference of the American Society
for Engineering Management (ASEM). The society was formed to recognize academic and
professional achievement and service to the engineering management discipline. EMH has over
1200 student and faculty members from across the United States and overseas. A nominee must
be enrolled in an engineering management or similar program as a bachelors, masters, and
doctoral student. Non-students, who by skills and character have demonstrated that they would
benefit EMH by election to membership, can be nominated to become senior members in EMH.

Any college, university or other institute of higher education offering bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, doctoral degrees, or a combination of these degrees, can request a local chapter of Epsilon Mu Eta.

EMH conducts a members’ meeting once per year at the annual ASEM conference. For further information, contact Neal Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer, at nlewis4@unl.edu or Paul Componation, Executive Director, at componation@uta.edu.

Contact Information:

  Epsilon Mu Eta International Office

  IMSE Department - University of Texas Arlington

  Box 19017

  Woolf Hall 420

  Arlington, TX  76019-0017


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