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Corporate Membership

Program Objective:

To facilitate broader, more flexible and cost effective engagement with large organizations such as government agencies, departments or colleges of universities, or corporations, ASEM has developed a Corporate Membership Program (CMP). This program allows organizations with varying needs and budgets to select the membership and engagement options that work best to meet their needs.


ASEM views our corporate membership program as a business agreement with bottom line impact. Our goal is that the membership provides access to a range of cost effective tools that can be leveraged for meeting a number of business goals such as employee development, recruitment, brand or company awareness and similar goals.

How the Program Works: Levels and Choices:

Based on the corporate member’s budget and organizational goals, the levels below define our “levels” of membership. Based on the level selected, the corporate member receives immediate discounts on activities such as conference attendance, membership, web advertising and similar society services. In addition, the corporate member can choose other strategic benefits (outlined on the linked page, below) up to the value of the membership level.

    • Platinum Membership:  Above $7,500 (general 30% discount on conference, membership, etc.)

    • Gold Membership:  $5,000 -$7,500 (general 25% discount on conference, membership, etc.)

    • Silver Membership:  $3,000- $5,000 (general 20% discount on conference, membership, etc.)

    • Bronze Membership:  $1,500- $3,000 (general 15% discount on conference, membership, etc.)

After a membership level has been chosen, please choose from Options below to develop the package that is best for your organization.


 Visibility Oriented: Website and Society Publications Sponsorship

 1  Logo on ASEM's website  $1250  1 Year
 2  Career Services: Recruitment Ad, Banner Ad, Job Posting
   $100 ea
 3  Logo / Link in Society eMails and Newsletters   $3000  1 Year 
 4  Logo on the ASEM Engineering Management Handbook (next edition cycle)   $1500  4 Years 
 5  Banner Ad with Link to Website in the eNews  $1000  1 Year
 6  Top Banner Ad on ASEM Website  $1000  6 Months
 7  Side Banner Ad on the ASEM Website    $800  6 Months
 8  Logo on Town Hall Meeting Slides    $250 Per Meeting
 9  Two Minute Promotional Video or 300 Word Script during Town Hall  $1000 Per Meeting
   Hybrid International Annual Conference (hIAC) Sponsorship    
 10  hIAC Academic Sponsorship Bundle (entirety of all listed below in this section)    $1250 1 Year

 Logo on International Annual Conference (vIAC) website with link to program

   $300  1 Year
 12  Logo and Link to Website or Literature added to eNews   $300 1 Year

 Logo displayed periodically throughout the hIAC on signage and screens

   $300  Per IAC
 14  Provide Logo and Link on ASEM Website Leading to your Literature or Website    $300 1 Year
 15 Banner displayed in main presentation (sponsor to provide 6'-8' Banner) $300Per IAC
 16 Exhibit table provided in main corridor in meeting area to promote program $300Per IAC 

 Additional hIAC Options    
 17  Sponsor | ASEM Award    $500  1 Year
 18  Technical Session Sponsor | Logo Included with Session Introduction   $500 1 Year
 19  Track Sponsor | Logo Included with Track Introduction   $500  1 Year
 20  Virtual Tour Sponsor | Logo Included with Tour Introduction   $500  1 Year

 Advanced Session Sponsor | 2 minute Sponsor Introduction Video or 300 Words Read

$1000 1 Year

 Advanced Track Sponsor | 2 minute Sponsor Introduction Video or 300 Words Read

 $2000  1 Year
 23 Break Sponsor | At hIAC - Thursday or Friday during hIAC   $250   per break
 24 Welcome Reception Sponsor | Hors d'oeuvre during hIAC - Wednesday Evening $750Event
 25 Social Event Sponsor | During 2023 hIAC - Thursday Evening$1000 Event 
 26 Awards Banquet Sponsor | Dinner and Awards during hIAC - Friday Evening$1500Event 
 27 CEMAL Event Sponsor | Event for CEMAL Members $500 Event 
 28 Fellows Event Sponsor | Event for ASEM Fellows$500 Event 

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