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Student Chapters

The Society offers student members the opportunity to work through student chapters to develop organizational skills that will benefit themselves, their chapter, school, and future employers.

Some outstanding benefits of membership in an ASEM student chapter are:

  • ASEM student membership fee of $35, significantly less than a full regular membership of $150.
  • Electronic access to the Engineering Management Journal (EMJ), the top tier journal in the field; the A Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBoK); and the Engineering Management Handbook.
  • Contact and networking with professors and industry professionals in the field of engineering management.
  • The opportunity to participate in the annual ASEM International Annual Conference (IAC). Students can attend technical sessions, present technical papers, access industrial tours, and network with other attendees. It also presents an opportunity to compete with other student chapters through the Student Case Study Competition.
  • The opportunity to gain experience by leading and directing others both as a chapter officer or a committee chair, making use of the professional skills of engineering management.

There are two minimum requirements that must be met before considering organizing a new ASEM student chapter.

  1. A reliable source of student members in the corresponding academic department.
  2. Faculty members who are willing to serve as chapter faculty advisors.

If your school is interested in starting a Student Section, please refer to the Student Chapter Handbook , and contact ASEM HQ if you have any questions. 

Current ASEM Student Chapters

Missouri University of Science & Technology

(Formerly the University of Missouri Rolla)

Joan Schuman, Advisor

Image result for michigan tech logo

Michigan Tech

Roger Woods, Advisor

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Missouri S&T

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