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Professional Certifications to Validate Knowledge and Experience

Certified Professional in Engineering Management®

For experienced professionals seeking to validate skills, knowledge, and experience in the management of technical operations.

EM Six Sigma Green Belt


A unique professional development solution that focuses on the application of Six Sigma to engineering and technology management.

Certified Associate in Engineering Management®

For young technical professionals seeking to establish credentials in preparation for early technical management or supervisory assignments.

Certification Renewal

Update professional accomplishments and renew certificates every three years.

ASEM partnership to offer Professional Certifications in Canada.


  1. Click on appropriate link above;
  2. Complete online application and complete payment. (You will receive a full refund if you are not offered an opportunity to sit for either the CAEM® or CPEM®);
  3. Send your short CV or resume along and your transcripts (unofficial transcripts will suffice) to

It's that easy! Submit your application today!

Learn About Engineering Management Certification

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM®) has established a multi-level Professional Certification Program that provides a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of professionals involved in the complex task of technical and engineering management. It is critical for technical professionals to understand and apply the core concepts of managing technical organizations.

For twenty years, the CPEM® and CAEM® have been recognized around the world as the gold standard in engineering and technical management certifications. “Certification” is a formal process whereby a community of knowledgeable, experienced, and skilled representatives of an organization, such as ASEM®, provides confirmation of an individual's competency (demonstrated knowledge, education, and experience) in a specified profession.

CPEM® and CAEM® certifications differ from licensing in that licenses are often defined as permissions granted by a government entity for a person to practice within its regulatory boundaries. Certification also differs from a "certificate" that documents the successful completion of a training or education program.

These certifications are the most important industry-recognized certification for technical managers. You can find CAEMs and CPEMs involved in managing and leading at all levels and types of engineering and technology-driven organizations in nearly every country. Over the past twenty years, ASEM® have been engaged in intensive research and development to identify the education, skills, and knowledge critical for success as a technical management professional. This work has supported the development and continuous improvement of this formal method for recognizing the CAEM® or CPEM® engineering management professional designation.

Unlike other certifications that focus on a particular geography or domain, the CAEM® and CPEM® are truly global. Certified technical managers work in virtually any industry, with an array of technical challenges, and in many locations around the globe from China to the Philippines, North and South America, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

The CAEM® and CPEM® can also provide a significant advantage when it comes to salary and earning potential. As examples from one country indicate, information from the US Bureau of Labor statistics 2014-2024 forecast shows that the occupational classes of architectural and engineering managers along with computer and information system managers (two of our key constituents for the CAEM® and CPEM® ) are the highest paid in the management category. The median manager wage is 20-50% higher than the annual wage for the technical employees managed in these fields.

Employers benefit as well. With certified technical managers, organizations are more likely to enhance the productivity of the technical workforce, reduce turnover, promote innovation, and meet financial and project goals.

The CAEM® and CPEM® signify that you speak and understand the global language of engineering and technical management and connects you to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

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