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About ASEM

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) is a global professional society dedicated to the promotion and advancement of the engineering and technical management profession. Engineering Management, broadly defined, is the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities that have a technological or systems component. Engineers and other technical professionals, whose job requires them to assume management duties, must solve complex problems that require expertise and training in these principles.

Who We Serve

Although our society name specifically notes engineering, ASEM’s direction encompasses the broader challenges of management of professionals who work in complex, technical organizations involving “knowledge” workers. Broadly, ASEM members cover a wide range of management areas in science and technology. In addition to engineering, these fields encompass manufacturing / operations management, the natural sciences such as biology and chemistry, and information technology including areas like computer science and information systems to mention a few.


Engineering Management as an academic program originated at the University of Missouri – Rolla (now Missouri S&T) in the mid-1960s. Several years later in 1979, The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) was founded by Professor Bernard R. Sarchet, the first Chair of the Engineering Management Department at Missouri S&T, along with the support and encouragement of Chancellor Merl Baker.

Professor Sarchet is largely credited with establishing the first true engineering management department at a U.S. university, and he has two prestigious national awards named in his honor. These include the Bernard R. Sarchet Award presented by the Engineering Management Division of ASEE for lifetime achievement in engineering management education and the Bernard R. Sarchet Award presented by ASEM for the advancement and support of engineering management .


ASEM is the world leader in promoting and developing approaches and methods to improve the operational effectiveness and management of complex technical organizations. Our publications cover a wide spectrum of related topics.

Program Certifications

ASEM provides certification for MS degree programs to assure the quality of the degree and the coverage of needed EM topics. Please see this link for more details and for the list of Universities with certified programs:

Professional Certifications

ASEM provides engineering management professional certification programs for individuals interested in validating their knowledge and capabilities as engineering or technical managers. ASEM offers two certifications relating to various experience levels of the engineering management profession: Certified Associate in Engineering Management (CAEM) and Certified Professional in Engineering Management (CPEM).

The CAEM certification is designed for young technical professionals seeking to establish credentials in preparation for early technical management or supervisory assignments. The CPEM certification is designed for experienced technical managers seeking to validate their skills and experience with a professional certification.

These certifications are based on the A Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge.


ASEM has multiple membership categories, but the primary categories are:

      • Professional
      • Student
      • Corporate

Annual Conference

International Annual Conference: ASEM offers the premier annual conference devoted to engineering and technical management. Proceedings are peer reviewed and this is a present-to-publish conference. Papers and presentations cover a spectrum of topics including, but not limited to, research papers (including literature reviews and concept development), case studies (e.g., national defense, healthcare, etc.), and tutorials (examples of how tools can be applied). Proceedings are indexed by Ebsco and Proquest.

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