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Professional Trainers or Academic Faculty | Instructional Groups

Professional trainers, academic faculty, or others involved in professional development may develop and organize specific, face to face SSGB preparation course.

In negotiation of the individual student cost with the client, most individuals will likely not have completed the CAEM®/ CPEM® and so the individual preparation package price below should be factored into the per student cost. 

The related materials students receive include:

  • A one-year ASEM student membership
  • EMBoK (digital download)
  • EM Handbook (digital download)
  • CAEM®/ CPEM® Prep Guide (download)
  • SSGB prep guide and mock questions (download)
  • Slides to study (PDF)
  • Exam voucher for 3 parts of the EM SSGB Exam (EMBOK, DMAIC, Minitab)

Cost per Student: $499 plus Minitab® as needed ; $399 plus Minitab® as needed for current CAEM or CPEM.

Students receive PDF versions of the course materials.

ASEM SSGB Training Material Bundle

The training material bundle includes the SSGB material slides, EMBOK, Handbook, mock questions, and prep guides. For instructors, training materials in MS Word and PowerPoint can be obtained per the Table below.  These materials are useful for a variety of instructional purposes and save significant time in preparation of a range of topical concepts.  With purchase of a training material bundle, rights are granted for specified use by the purchaser, as long as ASEM is noted as the source.

 Category USA; Europe
 World Bank Economies
 Professional Trainer - Non-Member
 $599 $300
 Professional Trainer - ASEM Member
 $499 $250
 Academic Use - Non-Member
 $399 $200
 Academic Use - Member
 $349 $175
 Academic Partner (ASEM | Academic Partnership Program) $299 $150

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