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What topics are covered in the ASEM SSGB and How is the Test Structured?

There are many SSGB certifications and the ASEM SSGB certification covers the commonly defined topics. The differentiating factor for the ASEM certification is that it focuses on application and not theory.  One of the primary aspects of this characteristic involves the use of Minitab® software to illustrate the statistical and analytical concepts instead of presenting a confusing statistics course.  We cover the concepts and theory but then we apply them using Minitab® techniques. In addition, we cover the key managerial topics using the related CAEM®/ CPEM® materials in the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge so that when the SSGB certification is complete, half of the related CAEM®/ CPEM® certification is also complete.

Topical Coverage - EMBoK, Managerial Areas

The ASEM SSGB certification requires understanding of the managerial concepts related to technical operations and analysis.  This covers EMBoK domains 3-8 in Bold per the table below.  As you complete this material in preparation for the test, we recommend that you complete these two micro credentials shown.  As you can see, there are only five more domains to complete for your CAEM®/ CPEM® certification.

CAEM / CPEM Micro Credential Groups

EMBoK Domain

Micro-credential group

1. Fundamentals of Engineering Management

Credential I

Foundations of Technical Management

2. Leadership & Organizational Management

3. Strategic Planning and Management

Credential II

Advanced Technical Management Skills, (Strategic planning, financial analysis, and project management)

4. Financial Resource Management

5. Project Management

6. Quality Management System

Credential III:

Technical and engineering operations management

7. Operations & Supply Chain Management

8. Management of Technology, Research, and Development

9. Systems Engineering

Credential IV

Systems Thinking:  systems engineering, Legal, and Ethical issues

10. Legal Issues in Engineering Management

11. Professional Codes of Conduct and Ethics

Topical Coverage: DMAIC and Quantitative Analysis

Building on the engineering and technical management information in EMBoK Domains 3-8, the second half of the SSGB certification materials provides a comprehensive examination of the Six Sigma Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control (DMAIC) steps.  In addition, the quantitative analytical tools involved in each step are also covered along with clear examples and Minitab explanations.

There are multiple pathways to prepare for and to take the ASEM SSGB exam. In all cases, students receive a one-year ASEM student membership and electronic versions of the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBoK), Engineering Management Handbook, and preparation guides for the CAEM®/ CPEM® test and the SSGB test. The cost of the exam is included in the price, but Minitab® is not.  See the note below for details on Minitab® licenses and access. 

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