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Engineering Management Professional Development Training Materials

ASEM wants to promote professional development training in Engineering Management and provides a wide range of tools and options to support those who engage in the career development of working engineers and technical professionals.  Here are programs for professional trainers to consider:

  • Training Materials:  ASEM can provide a complete set of PowerPoint slides and speaker’s notes supporting the use of the EMBOK as the foundation for a professional development program. Whether the course is one day or one week, these slides (typically +75 per EMBOK domain) save long hours of preparation and cover the key materials. Please see chart below. If you qualify for a discount, contact for your discount code.


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  • Access to the EMBOK and Handbook: Students in the professional development classes are eligible to be student members for a year and can access electronic copies of the EMBOK and Handbook for use in the training course.
  • Validation of Training: Instructors who employ the EMBOK and student membership are eligible for reduced rates for their students to take the CAEM or CPEM as appropriate for their experience and background.  These reductions in the cost of the exam for the students reflects economies in scale in processing applications and proctoring tests.  Contact ASEM World Headquarters  to discuss your course and testing options.
  • Professional Certification Prep Guide (CAEM & CPEM): For use in preparing for ASEM's multi-level Professional Certification Program. This provides a formal method for recognizing the knowledge and experience of professions included in the complex task of technical and engineering management, regardless of where you may be in your career.

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